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Center for Drug Discovery in the News

Dongmin Liu, Human Nutrition, Foods and Exercise

Bin Xu, Biochemistry

Bin Xu, Dongmin Liu and a team of researchers discovered olives and olive oil contribute to health benefits of weight loss and prevention of type 2 diabetes

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Our Mission

Virginia Tech Center for Drug Discovery Overview

Research Discovery at its Finest

The field of research in drug discovery and delivery is ripe for exploitation by universities who can provide focused resources in the area. This situation has arisen because the previous model for drug discovery and delivery, with most of the work being done within the pharmaceutical industry, is broken. Mergers and acquisitions within the pharmaceutical industry, both in the United States and Europe, have created giant companies with many layers of management between the scientists doing the work and the decision makers in the company, resulting in a lack of creativity in the key science that drives discovery. In recognition of this, many of the major pharmaceutical companies (“big pharma”) are laying off discovery scientists and outsourcing their drug discovery efforts.

This changing landscape of drug discovery provides real opportunities for universities to make significant contributions to the process of drug discovery and delivery, provided that they can provide the intellectual, physical, and financial resources to capitalize on the situation. VTCDD was formed by Virginia Tech researchers who were already regarded as leaders in the drug discovery and delivery area, with more than $29 million in current research support. Under the VTCDD, members are able to coordinate and strengthen programs, share resources, and position themselves for new funding opportunities.

VTCDD Member Collaborations

At the core of Virginia Tech’s Drug Discovery Center are Collaborations to Facilitate Grants and Research

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