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Annual Workshop

Annual workshop where VTCDD members give 10-minute updates on their research.  This “speed dating” is designed to help members make connections with colleagues with complementary research interests.

Student Poster Sessions

Poster sessions provide graduate students of VTCDD members a chance to present their research to fellow students and faculty giving another opportunity for research collaboration.

Organization and Support of VTCDDSL

Seed Grants

Seed grants have been awarded to provide funding for new research collaborations seeking to apply for larger external grant funding.

Seminar Programs

The VTCDD has provided connections and funding for guest speakers for the Highlands in Chemistry Seminar and the VT Life Science Seminars

Members of the VTCDD are participating in the organization of the Virginia Drug Discovery Consortium

        VaDDC Events

         VirginiaCancerRx: A Symposium on Drug Discovery for Cancer – Charlottesville, VA, May 30-31, 2017

VirginiaCancerRx Program

            VirginiaBrainRx: A Symposium on Drug Discovery for the Brain  – Richmond, VA,  May 23-24, 2016

 VirginiaBrainRx Program

Dr. Harald Sontheimer – VTCDD member and guest speaker

Virginia Tech and the VT Center for Drug Discovery members involved with planning of the meeting

Drs. Lazo (UVA), Kingston (VTCDD), Glennon (VCU), Carlier (VTCDD)