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photo of Dr. Harald Sontheimer
Dr. Harald Sontheimer, Executive Director of the School of Neuroscience, Director of Center for Glial Biology in Health Disease and Cancer
photo of tim long
Dr. Tim Long, Professor of Chemistry



photo of Matt Buczynski
Dr. Matt Buczynski, School of Neuroscience

VT research team leads $2.6 million study of brain trauma, epilepsy connection 

“The unique aspect of the research is that we are specifically examining which form of injury causes epilepsy and whether there are predictive biomarkers to tell who will or will not develop epilepsy as a result of injury,” Sontheimer said. Read More

Tim Long in collaboration with a University of Virginia oncologist are testing a new gel that could relieve discomfort in cervical cancer radiation treatment.

Long and Showalter initially received funding for the project through a 4-VA grant, which is a program that sponsors certain partnerships, such as research advancements, with six state institutions, including Virginia Tech and UVA.   Read More


Matt Buczynski  

and researchers from the Virginia Tech School of Neuroscience are teaming with the University of California San Diego and the U.S. National Institutes of Health (NIH) to develop a drug — now in its earliest stages — that can treat certain types of chronic pain without the addictive consequences of opioids.       Read More 

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Dr. Kevin Edgar

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