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Drs. P. Sobrado, N. Vogelaar, and D. G. I. Kingston in the lab

The Virginia Tech Center for Drug Discovery Screening Laboratory (VTCDDSL) assists researchers to develop and carry out high-throughput assays.  The laboratory is BSL2 certified and can do both cell-based and enzyme-based screening assays.

We have available to researchers several broad-spectrum compound libraries including a new, unique, transition-metal complex library developed by VTCDD member Joe Merola.   We also have targeted libraries such as the kinase inhibitor library.

Purchase of the equipment for the VTDDSL was made possible by funds from the Colleges of Science and of Agriculture and Life Sciences

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VTCDDSL Instrumentation
VTCDDSL Compound Library

Contact the Screening Lab

Dr. Pablo Sobrado
VTCDDSL Director, Associate Professor
Department of Biochemistry
(540) 231-9485

Dr. Nancy Vogelaar
Department of Biochemistry
(540) 231-3525

The Virginia Tech Center for Drug Discovery Screening Lab is located in Engel Hall, Room 303. The facility is available to the Virginia Tech community for high-throughput screening and users have access to over 40,000 chemical compounds.