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Photo of Nancy Vogelaar

Photo of Nancy Vogelaar

Welcome to VTCDDSL!

The Virginia Tech Center for Drug Discovery Screening Laboratory (VTCDDSL) assists researchers to develop and carry out high-throughput assays.  The laboratory is BSL2 certified and can do both cell-based and enzyme-based screening assays. The facility is available to the Virginia Tech community and users have access to over 40,000 chemical compounds.

Purchase of the equipment for the VTCDDSL was made possible by funds from the Fralin Life Sciences Institute.

Facility instruments are compatible with 96-well and 384-well microplates. Other microplate types may be used on select instruments.

We have a number of compound libraries available to researchers including a library of FDA-approved drugs, a natural-products library, a unique transition-metal complex library developed by Dr. Joe Merola, a brominated fragment library, a kinase-targeted library, as well as other libraries designed to maximize structural and chemical diversity.  (See table below).  Please note that commercial compound collections change over time as compounds are added or removed.  For specific information about our libraries, please contact the screening lab.


Library Description                                 # of compounds   

Microsource Spectrum Library  

Wide range of biological activities and structural diversity  


Analyticon Discovery Library

Chemical entities with biological pre-validation (70 scaffolds) further modified with known and unusual pharmacophore groups


Chembridge Library

Custom selection from the Chembridge DiverSet


TargetMol Natural Products Library

Natural products with known bioactivity and good availability 


Otava Brominated- Fragment Library

For fragment-based drug design (bromine incorporation facilitates identification of binding sites by x-ray crystallography)  


Library                                  Description                  # of compounds     

ApexBio DiscoveryProbeTM Clinical and FDA-Approved Library 

Approved drugs and compounds in clinical trials


ApexBio DiscoveryProbeTM Anti-Infection

Potent, selective and cell-permeable compounds that inhibit or activate target molecules involved in the infection process


Selleckchem Antibiotic

Structurally diverse, medicinally active, and cell permeable


Kinase Inhibitor

Structurally diverse inhibitors for kinases including RTKs, PI3K, Aurora Kinase, CDK, and MEK (most inhibitors competitive with ATP)


Merola Tailored Transition-Metal Library (TTMC)

Numerous compounds have demonstrated anti-mycobacterial activity and activity against S. aureus including strains of MRSA.  Custom variants easily synthesized.


Contact the Screening Lab!

Dr. Nancy Vogelaar

VTCDDSL Interim Director
Department of Biochemistry
(540) 231-3525
The VT Center for Drug Discovery's Screening lab is located in Engel Hall, Room 301.